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Ron is the eldest son of the Kovic family.  He is thirteen years older than I am.  Ron is the one that has made most of the spashes in the family.  I can't say that I know that much about Ron's early years.  Although they are somewhat and hastily chronicled in the movie based upon his life's story, "Born on the Fourth of July" that came out in 1990. (the book was published in 1976) I guess I am somewhat of a critic of the movie. Sure it won 2 academy awards (best editing and best director) but it really raped the book.  Read the book if you want the whole story.  The movie includes about 15% of the whole story of my brother's life.  When he came home from Vietnam in 1968 I was 8 years old and when he started his war protesting I was already a teenager.  A few times he took me with him to a protest rally.  Pretty cool though as a 14 year old I really didn't fit in.  I was moving amongst a crowd of 25 to 40 year olds and that wasn't fun.  But when I look back on it that was something that shaped my life.  Ron did take me to a benefit concert that was put on by Harry Chapin before his death.  It was at Hofstra University I think.  What happened is that Harry did a couple of sets and then came down off the stage.  I was sitting in the front row and he came and sat right next to me while my brother got up on the stage and began giving a speech about the things he was doing. I couldn't believe it, right next to this guy I had listened to so many times on the radio.  It was pretty cool.

Where's Ron these days?  Well, he lives in Redondo Beach, California and is a pretty private person.  Recently, he has done a lot of humanitarian work helping homeless people and he has also produced some interesting works of art. Click here to see them.

Othere people have written about Ron on the internet. Click here.

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